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Road Marking Machines for All Areas of Use

Best quality, innovative technologies and reliable all-round service

HOFMANN marking machines have convinced users with their quality seal "Made in Germany" and comprehensive, competent advice in more than 160 countries around the world since 1952. We are proud to offer solutions to meet any requirements and needs. Contact us. We will gladly help you out!

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Road marking machines adjusted to your needs

Road marking machines serve to apply marking materials to

Various marking technologies are available to match the vast range of requirements to marking.

HOFMANN marking machines stand out with their machine technology that can be adjusted to process nearly any marking material.

Precise results with even marking depends on an accurately working marking machine. This is why we equip our machines with partially or fully automatic line division electronics and add a feature to keep the line width constant in cold-spray systems.

Marking technology manufacturers continue to develop new technologies to make marking even more precise. HOFMANN developed the AMAKOS® technology for this purpose, in which a path-dependant dosage pump ensures an even layer thickness.

In addition to innovative technologies, we focus on designing new line painting machines based on the individual requirements at the place of use. Since marking and road striping must never depend on climate conditions or pavement types, HOFMANN line painting machines are designed to work precisely no matter the ambient conditions. They are already used in more than 160 countries around the world. Of course, HOFMANN road marking machines meet the statutory safety provisions for road construction machinery in every one of them.

HOFMANN line marking machines are available in many sizes, from small hand-guided machines or ride-on machines, to trucks. Every customer will find the ideal marking machine for their specific application in the HOFMANN range.