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Preheaters – we can handle all aggregate states

For longer projects, it is important to have enough material to work with at any time.
This requires a so-called preheater, which heats the thermoplastics properly and maintains the temperature evenly. The preheater heats the thermoplastics in such a way that it can be easily applied to the road surface in liquid form. At HOFMANN, we distinguish between vertical & horizontal preheaters. 

The horizontal preheaters of the HK series are heated indirectly (with thermal oil) by gas or diesel oil burners (24V or 230V). 
The two-chamber system prevents the already melted material from cooling down when new material is added. We currently offer the HK800-1 & HK1000-1 models with respective capacities of 880 & 1100 litres.

The D-Series vertical preheaters can be heated directly (without thermal oil) or the ID-Series indirectly (with thermal oil) with gas or diesel oil burners (12V, 24V or 230V). They also have an integrated stirrer, which allows convenient cleaning and easy access to the interior by completely dismantling the top part.
All models are available in single (1 preheater) and double (2 preheaters) versions. Only the ID100 is single and is operated with propane gas only: 

  • ID1100-2
  • ID840-2
  • ID630-2
  • ID420-2
  • D520
  • D350

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