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Specialties - here we are invincible!

HOFMANN generally stands for quality and innovative technologies in addition to a reliable all-round service, but we cannot be beaten when it comes to these products. Discover our specialities and absolute premium equipment. Whether attachments such as special treads and pre-marking devices, cameras and material transfer systems as well as separable machine frames, in the following you will find our bestsellers and top devices. Or should it be our "all-inclusive package" with an entire transport & supply truck? 

To ensure the safety of the marking crews at all times, we at HOFMANN offer some specially made safety products. Whether the truck-mounted Crash Absorber System, upgradeable camera systems, protective covers or additional treads. With our equipment, your employees will stay safe no matter the traffic!

Time is money! Everyone has heard this saying before. To help you complete your project quickly and efficiently, we offer you the perfect equipment to work efficiently
- Pre-marking equipment
- Drying unit
- Simple palletising systems as well as divided machine frames for cold and thermoplastics
- Swivel systems
- Material transfer system
All these HOFMANN-exclusive products save you time on each of your projects!

Could we convince you of our products? Have you found something you need for your next project? Let us know and contact us here!