Cold plastic Spotflex® – full nozzle with optimum penetrating power

Defined 2-component cold plastic agglomerate markings, applied with a 98:2 mixing
ratio using air pulsed method – "Spotflex®"



Available application techniques

 2 component cold-plastics


Marking system for agglomerate markings, which efficiently applies defined, profiled markings in order to increase night visibility during rain and wet conditions.

Such profiled markings can be renewed (re-marked) or can be applied on already existing road markings in case a plain effect is requested during daylight and reduced inspection distance.

Application of whole container filling without intermediate flushing of the system thus longer stops can be avoided.

Exact compliance of mixing ratio, therefore mixing as a matter of trial and error is eliminated.

Marking speeds up to 6 km/h*) can be achieved (bellow pump and pressurised container).
Suitable for the application of highly abrasive mediums and solid matters with a size of up to Ø 2,5 mm (bellow pump and pressurised container).

Due to the optimum drainage the individual dots having a height of 3 – 5 mm remain accessible for headlights and will reflect even during heavy rainfall.

This system is also suitable for applying road markings combined with a noise effect (depending on the height of dots) when crossing the road marking.

At the customer’s request large and small dots as well as different raster (distance between the rows) with open or closed edge can be applied.

Acoustic warning signal in case of lack of hardener.

Due to high application speeds and short flushing periods obstruction to traffic can be reduced.

Using the bellow pump system double lines and line combinations in one single marking operation are possible. Using the pressurised container system double lines are also possible, however line combinations only restricted.

Fulfillment of regulations is ensured with regard to automatic compliance of adjusted line thickness/material quantity.

Possibility to use AMAKOS® method of operation.

>> HOFMANN Info 396

*) dependent on material and equipment, continuous line, line width 12 cm

Funtion principle

Available application techniques


2 component cold-plastics


Nozzles and nozzle holder can be attached variably,

therefore line width and line distance can be determined by yourself.

Very efficient system by reason of the quick exchange of nozzles.


2c cold plastics: SPOTFLEX® marking

2 component cold-plastics

2c cold plastic: SPOTFLEX® marking

2 component cold-plastics

2c cold plastic: SPOTFLEX® marking

2 component cold-plastics

2c cold plastic: SPOTFLEX® marking

2 component cold-plastics


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