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Sprayable thermoplastic pump - perfect layers

Volume-controlled bellow pumps for sprayable thermoplastics automatically apply the required material quantity and therefore offer constant, high quality markings



Available application techniques

 Sprayable Thermoplastics


Consistently high visibility by day and night and grip across the entire technical usage duration by clearing the mixed-in reflection beads and grip agents in the course of gradual daily wear

The requirements to permanently visible and therefore safe type I and II lane markings are met

No requirements regarding industrial safety and water protection and no application of the hazardous substance regulation

Storage for an extended period of time, without any changes to the technical and physical properties

Short cooling times that make the type of marking safe for traffic and driving over very quickly

Marking speeds up to 15 km/h (material- and equipment-dependently with an unbroken line, line width 12 cm) can be achieved

Execution of up to triple lines and line combinations in one work step possible

Hermetically sealed displacement system (bellows in the housing), which prevents wear of seals

Automatic gap pressure control for very good line starts

Special intake of highly abrasive, difficult materials

Marking of a 3-lines-combination is possible

Application in AMAKOS® operation possible

Function principle

Available application techniques

 Sprayable Thermoplastics


Metering of sprayable thermoplastic material by means of a bellow pump


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