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Walter Hofmann († 1999), founder

Since 1948 Walter Hofmann has developed agricultural machinery and equipment upon request. Based on his experience amongst others at the company ZF in Friedrichshafen/Germany, he specialized himself in the improvement of transmission constructions.

In 1951 Hans Gubela visited Walter Hofmann in Hamburg for private reason. During their conversation he asked about the development of a new type of line marking machine "from practice - for practice".

Hans Gubela, owner of the very famous company Gubela which is one of the largest line marking companies in Germany as well as Walter Hofmann himself realized that as a result of the increase in demand for cars and trucks the need for well-developed roads with appropriate high quality markings will become immense.

Convinced of this idea, Walter Hofmann founded the company HOFMANN in 1952 as a sole proprietorship for line marking.

With our wide product range, every facet of line marking technology is covered: from small machines up to road marking trucks.  

Products designed to costumer's specific requests, are a challenge for us. 

Clients profit by HOFMANN's close contacts to both R&D as well as practical application. Traditionally there is an annual meeting as HOFMANN's TECHNOLOGY DAY to enhance the communication of the participants in line marking: paint producers and ministerial authorities, roadmarkers and scientific tutors.

Expert advice and guidance for our customers from the point of purchase to commissioning as well as training by our engineers go without saying.

Modern communication and logistics systems guarantee a quick service and a rapid spare part supply worldwide.

Our company's purpose is in striving for permanent economic success. We want to strengthen or develop our position and to continue to be the market leaders.  

This target leads to high demands to the quality of our products and services.    

We want to

  • meet our customers' requirements in all matters.
  • continually increase customer satisfaction through consistent customer orientation (internal and external).
  • continually improve our product quality.
  • consistently implement our quality policy according to our factory standards and provisions and continually improve our quality performance.
  • measure ourselves against the competition and stand out from it.
  • create a field of action by the excellent qualifications and motivation of our employees to permit performance and products at the best quality while at the same time ensuring high employee satisfaction.
  • operate a safety policy in compliance with all requirements for the good of our employees and customers. 

We conduct

  • our business based on our dedicated business rules. We are aligned with medium-term strategic corporate plans and annual Budgets.

 We ask

  • all employees to motivatedly and committedly work towards putting our objectives into practice.

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[Z29] Aerial movie made with a drone:

16.300 m² of HOFMANN - at the Rellingen site since 1962

Walter Hofmann († 1999) starts to design and manufacture agricultural machinery and equipment

Hofmann company is founded in Hamburg as an individual enterprise

Acquisition of the premises in Industriestrasse 22 in Egenbuettel (today: Rellingen)

Start of construction of Workshops 1 and 2

Moving to Rellingen

Purchase of property Birkenweg (today: Workshop 3)

Construction of Workshop 3

Start of construction for Workshops 4 and 5

Purchase of property "Milchwerk", Industriestrasse 26

1. January: Foundation of Walter Hofmann private limited company (GmbH)

Completion of Workshop 6

Acquisition and take-over of S+S GmbH

Extension of the paintshop

Merging of Walter Hofmann GmbH and S+S GmbH

Renaming to HOFMANN GmbH

Building of a high rack warehouse

Acquisition of a neighbouring site (Industriestrasse 28 - 3300 m²) and conversion into a Technology Centre

Construction of new warehouse

In third generation Jan Hofmann takes over HOFMANN GmbH