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MALCON4/4E is a multi-purpose device, consisting of:


· Line-gap electronic for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic road

marking applications

· Control unit for material quantity

· Documentation unit

Available Application techniques

Cold paints 2 component cold-plastics Sprayable 2 component cold-plastics Thermoplastics Sprayable Thermoplastics


MALCON4/4E offers to execute country-specific marking mode up to 3 parallel applied lines automatically.

Data export via PDA, USB Stick or even GPS/GSM modul (Localization via GPS and data transfer via GSM) is possible, in order to prepare marking or line width proofs.

You can change between programmes during the marking operation, whereby the current line-space cycle must be terminated before starting the new programme

In case a second parallel running programme ( execute a drain pipe for rain on the marking during marking operation) is requested, also this is possible with the MALCON4/4E. This means you can mark two different line-gap combinations

Recognition system for direction of travel ensures that whenever the programme step is located inside a space between lines, you can manoeuvre the machine at random without worry. This means that you can be sure of resuming your marking operation again at the correct point

You can activate or deactivate spray guns during the marking operation. Line begin for the activated spray gun and line end for the deactivated spray gun run synchronously


- Feed-back system
- Rear view camera
- MultiDotLine® control

Documentation and control of current delivery rate of metering pumps for:

  • 1c-cold paints and sprayable 2c-cold plastics (plunger pump) in low pressure (Airspray) and high-pressure (Airless) method
  •  2c cold plastics (bellow pump)
  • sprayable thermoplastics (bellow pump) incl. temperature display

You have the possibility to enter the number of measurements within e.g. 250 m by yourself in order to create an analysis of the line thickness of the marked road (according german regulation)

Compliment with regional requirements demanding selfsupervision of the marking operation can be met by recording of ambient and road surface temperature, relative humidity and use of additives.


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[E21] Malcon4E-Elektronic



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