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Customers from all over the world have the most diverse requirements. That's why HOFMANN road marking machines are modular. This means that they can be equipped for all areas of application, so that you are prepared for all challenges. Here you will find:


The AMAKOS® metering technology, which is available in all five application technologies if required.

AMAKOS® is an operating mode for speed-proportional application. This means that you can vary the speed within wide limits while maintaining a constant layer thickness. Maintaining a constant film thickness is therefore no longer dependent on the skill and reliability of machine operators. 

Non-AMAKOS® enjoys the same advantages as HOFMANN AMAKOS®, but here there is no need to monitor the travel speed.


The CONEX® dosing pump system can be used for almost all cold and hot marking materials without and with admixed glass beads / skid resistance agents.

In contrast to conventional pump systems, CONEX® does not have any concealed pistons that operate inside the delivery cylinder, but works with seals that seal exclusively to the outside and can be monitored visually. Among other things, this is a prerequisite for processing abrasive materials.


The MALCON4/4E electronics for line graduation, material volume regulation & documentation

With the MALCON4/4E line-gap electronic, it is possible to run up to three parallel lines simultaneously and fully automatically. The recognition of the direction of travel also makes it possible to manoeuvre the machine without hesitation if the programme is in a line gap. This means that marking can then be resumed at a designated point.


The ELC4, ELC1plus & ELC1 line division electronics, for self-propelled & hand-guided machines for controlling 1, 4 or 6 solenoid valves for spray and bead guns.

With the ELC4, for example, you can tell the machine which guns to mark with and for how long (manual); which guns to start marking with and where, and how long the stroke length should be (semi-automatic); or set the machine to run the programme set by the operator on its own (fully automatic).


Our experts will be happy to answer your questions about which of these innovative technologies and devices fits your project. Please do not hesitate to contact us!