Metering technology / AMAKOS®

HOFMANN metering systems comply with even the strictest demands and requirements regarding the observance and verifiability of values given.

Available Application techniques

Cold paints 2 component cold-plastics Sprayable 2 component cold-plastics Thermoplastics Sprayable Thermoplastics


Available application techniques:
· Cold paints
· 2 component cold-plastics
· Sprayable 2 component cold-plastics
· Thermoplastics
· Sprayable Thermoplastics


Speed proportional Application of Marking materials with Automatic Constant of Sprayfilm thickness.

Constant spraying thickness in spite of varying marking speeds.

Constant delivery volume, irrespective of the number of rotations per minute, as well as regardless of pressure and material viscosity.

No pulsations (without pulsation dampers).

No progressive wear and tear that would reduce delivery volume and make it necessary to calibrate and readjust at regular intervals.

The technology was introduced in 1980 under the name AMAKOS®.

AMAKOS® means
Application of
Marking materials with Automatic
Constant maintenance of
Spray thickness

Most of the HOFMANN systems with pumps are suitable for the AMAKOS®-mode of operation as well as the Non-AMAKOS®-mode.

The diagram shows the speed ranges within which it is possible to vary the marking speed.

A Atomizing air spraying method
B Airless spraying method
C Airless spraying method with line width stabilizer

The range of speed variation available with the airless spray method is restricted in comparison with the atomizing air method. The practicable maximum speed is generally equivalent to 1.5 times of the practicable minimum speed. When using the line width stabilizer factor 3 is here possible.

No problem with line combinations with up to three spray guns (does not apply to 2-component materials).

Whenever a second or third spray gun is opened, the pump switches over to the corresponding delivery volume of material.


Operating mode for the application in proportion to travel speed. In this mode of operation you may vary your
travel speed within a wide range. The spray thickness will nevertheless remain at a constant level. Maintaining a specified spray thickness is no longer dependent on specialist skill and reliability. AMAKOS®: advantages like you have with Non-AMAKOS® but in addition no more need to supervise speed.


Operating mode enabling you to set a delivery volume that remains constant irrespective of travel speed. Whenever you alter your travel speed in this mode of operation, also the spray thickness changes. No more need to supervise constantly pressure and viscosity.


Conventional (pressure controlled pumps):
Spray thickness depends on pressure, viscosity and speed. High work load for operating personnel.


Hofmann Info 277


Constant spraying thickness despite varying marking speed!
HOFMANN offer the AMAKOS® technology for the following methods and…


[E21] Malcon4E-Elektronic



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