Electronic control system for hand-guided machines to control one magnetic valve (e.g. for one spray gun)

Available Application techniques

Cold paints 2 component cold-plastics Sprayable 2 component cold-plastics Thermoplastics Sprayable Thermoplastics


Manual marking:
The operator determines for how long and with which sprayguns the marking operation is carried out.

Semi-automatic marking:
The operator determines with which sprayguns and where the marking operation is to begin. The operation is terminated after reaching the programmed line length.

Fully automatic marking:
The machine carries out the marking operation automatically in accordance with the programme the operator has entered.

  • Storing of up to max. 4 line-space programmes at any given time
  • The number of metres marked by each spraygun is constantly being recorded.
  • You can change between programmes (P1 to P4) during the marking operation, whereby the current line-gap cycle must be terminated before starting the new programme. You can also activate or deactivate sprayguns during the marking operation.



ELC1 Electronic control system for hand-guided machines to control one…



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