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Road Marking Technology: All you need to know

Technical methods that mark the road surfaces in street traffic as well as maneuvering areas and runways at airports for better orientation purposes are called road marking. Today the technology can apply symbols and lines even more precisely and permanently onto various surfaces and grounds. At the same time, the applied methods have become more economical and effective.

Engineers are taking advantage of the knowledge and advances in the neighboring disciplines of process engineering, mechanical engineering, and cybernetics. Road marking could thus be established as a further German top technology that is in worldwide demand. Countries with extreme climatic conditions in particular benefit from the German high standard of development in the area of road marking.

History of Road Marking Technology

Road marking was first used at the beginning of the 20th century. Increased traffic after the Second World War then made road marking indispensable for better orientation purposes and greater traffic safety. More accurate spraying, laying, and dosing methods were developed for this. At the same time, road marking must guarantee that the markings, road signs and warnings are permanently bonded to the different types of pavement. To optimally comply with all these specifications, road marking uses completely different applications.

An application means that the marking is applied to the roadway surface. There are five different road marking technologies to choose from: the spraying method, the screed box mode, the bonding or roll coating mode, the spreading mode and the extrusion mode. The extrudable marking technology (Latin "extrudere" – to thrust) is the pressing out of solid to viscous hardenable compounds.

Types of Application Techniques

Extrudable materials are 2-component cold plastic as well as thermoplastics.

Small and hand-controlled machines are used for roadway lengths up to one kilometer. Self-propelled ride-on machines which are easy to maneuver are used for longer distances. Each road marking machine is equipped with large paint and glass bead containers.

The advantage of marking trucks: They can be upgraded and retrofitted for the various requirements. Included in the road marking equipment are drying and line remover machines as well as melting machineries for thermoplastic material (heater).

The latest, precision road marking technologies that work most accurately even at changing speeds have long since had fully automatically regulated dosing modes and measurement technologies. The marking process can also be regulated manually. The marking length control system and detailed documentation technology monitor the entire marking procedure.


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