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Airport markings play an important role in improving airport security. Highest quality is achieved by using modern technologies and adjusted application techniques.

But which marking machines are suitable for airport marking? And which application techniques should be used?

With more than 60 years of experience, we are experts in every kind of airport markings. Our self-proclaimed aim is to provide excellent solutions for our client’s airport marking projects.



Airport Markings - Quality Standards

Airport markings require highest quality, for maintaining a safe and reliable air and ground traffic at airports. Even during bad lighting conditions, like foggy weather and at night, airport markings have to stay visible.

These high standards are met by suitable materials and efficient technology, adjusted to existing weather conditions. Using the right technology for airport marking results in increased safety and airport traffic productivity.

Top 5 Requirements

Strong reflection capability

High contrast

Low maintenance

Weather proof

Abrasion resistant

References & Suitable Machines

Road marking machines by Hofmann are used at airports all around the world. Together with our customers we are developing customised airfield marking machines matching local, climatic as well as technical requirements.

Only a small selection from our large range of individually developed airfield marking machines are shown here.

Locations where Hofmann road marking machines are being used for airport marking:

- Hongkong, China

- Hamburg, Germany

- St. Petersburg, Russia

- Kiev, Ukraine

- Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

- Mumbai, India

- And many more

Further information about our stationed road marking machines and airports you will find in this brochure about airport markings.



Suited Application Techniques

Due to their specific features, following application techniques are best suited for airport markings:



Cold Paints

2 Component cold-plastics

Sprayable 2 component cold-plastics

Thermoplastics Sprayable




If you would like to discover more about road marking technology and application techniques, have a look here.


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