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Accessories – so that you always get perfect results

To ensure that you always achieve the best possible results, we offer accessories in addition to our market-leading marking machines. Whether hand-guided road dryers, glass bead dispensers as well as manual screed boxes we have the optimal accessories for you!

H95-2 dryer
A hand-guided road dryer to enable subsequent marking work on a smaller scale, even in damp conditions. Powerful and economical due to diesel engine drive. Carrying along as an independent unit is effortless, as work can be done without a separate compressor. The drying unit enables problem-free drying in edge areas and the practical melting function makes it easy to remove marking films. The drying width is approx. 30 cm, but can optionally be extended up to approx. 50 cm.

WPS glass bead dispenser
The hand-operated glass bead dispenser is suitable for applications where mechanical application of glass beads is not possible and manual application is uneconomical or prohibited by the client. The bead spreading width is infinitely adjustable manually. The glass bead dispenser is driven directly via a chain from the edge of the floor. The line width is between 10 and 50 cm.

Manual screed box
The manual screed box (available for thermoplastic and 2c cold plastic) is suitable for smaller jobs as well as a supplement to the self-propelled road marking machine. A heating station (without preheater) for thermoplastic manual screed boxes, which can also be operated independently, supplements the marking process. Line widths of 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 cm are available and can be extended on request.

Let us advise you and find out which accessories are suitable for your project!