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Line Marking by Hofmann

HOFMANN is one of the world leaders for realizing line marking projects on an international level. With over 60 years of experience in line marking, we provide excellent services and will help your next project succeed.

Line marking machines developed and produced by HOFMANN in Germany are used all over the world. They always comply with the respective legal and technical demands and requirements abroad. Especially the climatic conditions must be taken into account before planning a line marking operation

The advantages and knowledge gained from line marking, which was originally developed for roads and highways, are also used in Airfield Marking, parking lot marking and industrial indoor markings

Our goal: Resistant line marking for better orientation and increased traffic safety.

Different Types of Line Marking

The following application methods of line marking are always differentiated:


➤ The cold spray / cold paint method

➤ The cold two-component / MMA spray method

➤ The cold two-component / MMA screed / extrusion method

➤ The hot thermoplastic spray method

➤ The hot thermoplastic screed / extrusion method

Quality and innovation

Line Marking Machines

  • Trucks
  • Self-propelled machines
  • Hand-guided machines


  • Thermoplastic MultiDotLine®
  • Spray thermoplastic pump
  • Cold plastic stochastic
  • Spray cold plastic Airless
  • Cold plastic Spotflex®
  • Cold plastic plain/profiled
  • Airless AMAKOS®

Service and consulting

  • Upgrades & Retrofitting
  • Maintenance & Spare Parts
  • Material Tests
  • Applications
  • Trainings

About us

With more than 60 years of experience, HOFMANN has been realizing hundreds of line marking projects all over the world. Not only providing line marking machines, but also modern technology and professional consultation. 

As every line marking project depends on its individual circumstances, we would like you to send us details about your planned project. Your needs combined with our experience and knowledge will realize your project with ease. Just send us a message!

HOFMANN's TechnologyDay

Users take considerable advantage of HOFMANN‘s close contacts to both R&D as well as practical application.It has formed a tradition to meet at HOFMANN‘s TechnologyDay – a forum to bring forward communication between participants in road marking: paint producers and ministerial authorities, line markers and scientific tutors.

Partners worldwide

HOFMANN partners can be found worldwide on five continents. Have a look at the world map to find your nearest partner and get in touch.

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