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Electronic spacing device developed for self-propelled machines to control six magnetic valves (e.g. for three spray guns and three bead guns)

Available application techniques
  • Cold paints
  • 2 component cold-plastics
  • Sprayable 2 component cold-plastics
  • Thermoplastics
  • Sprayable Thermoplastics

Manual marking:
The operator determines for how long and with which spray guns the marking operation is carried out

Semi-automatic marking:
The operator determines with which spray guns and at which point the marking operation is to begin. The operation is terminated after reaching the programmed line length

Fully automatic marking:
The machine carries out the marking operation automatically in accordance with the programme the operator has entered.


  • Max. up to 12 line-space programmes can be stored simultaneously.
  • Special program for drain pipe for rain.
  • The number of metres marked by each spraygun is constantly being recorded.
  • Switching of programmes and control of the gun can be carried out between the keys “1 to 12” during the marking operation, whereby the current line-space cycle is always terminated before starting the new programme.
  • Switching can be done in the line or in the gap.
  • Synchronous line begin for the activated spray gun and line termination for the deactivated one.



  • Brochure MALCON4/4E

    Brochure MALCON4/4E

  • ELC4 Electronic Control System for self-propelled machines

    ELC4 Electronic Control System for self-propelled machines

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