History - progress thanks to tradition


Rolling disk marker unit: Limitation system, gun and support with always the same distance to the road, metering glass bead dispenser with control governed by travelled distance.


The first 2-component extruder with two all-metal metering pumps, a dynamic mixer and application with control governed by travelled distance providing a constant spray thickness.


Electronic line-gap automatic with impulse distance of 1 cm.



AMAKOS® - Metering marking system with control governed by travelled distance for sprayable marking materials.


Electronic line-gap automatic including feedback and display of the actual value of marked line length (MALCON).


The first high-pressure (Airless) machine with control governed by travelled distance designed for paints and 2-component sprayable plastics, even in conjunction with highly abrasive paints with negligable wear and tear.


The first 2-component extruder with two metering pumps and dynamic mixer for agglomerate markings.


Development of MultiDotLine® system for thermoplastic


The first 2-component-Airless-machine for real M98:2 two-component sprayable cold plastics, with path-dependent drive


Further development of 2-component air pulsed method for defined agglomerates, Spotflex®


Development of MultiDotLine®Plus system and 2-component bellow pump metering system.


New development - H25-4 with articulated frame steering and electronic space device MALCON4 incl. documentation unit


First line width stabilizer keeps variation in line width during path-dependent Airless spraying method automatically in minimum ranges.


MALCON4 Electronic Control System and Documentation Unit according ZTV-M 13 (german regulation)


First thermoplastic extruder system for the application of markings on both sides thanks to efficient swivelling process below the machine


HofCalc software: Extension of the MALCON4/4E to the functions, billing and evaluations for the client or for internal purposes, use via USB stick, possibility of combining several line-gap electronics, geographical allocation and overview of different types of marking



Introduction of the engines of the emission levels, low-emission EU Stage V or (US) EPA Tier 4 with diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) as well as SCR catalytic converter with AdBlue® and charge air cooling (H33-4) and low-emission EU Stage V or (US) EPA Tier 4 with diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) (H26-4 and H18-2)


HofConnect®: a platform to establish a connection via web or smartphone app to a mobile construction machine. The retrieval of telemetry, status data of the machine are possible (management of machines in the cloud)


2-component extruder system for applying markings on both sides of the machine