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Road Marking Systems

The term linemarking includes all methods that ensure the precise and resistant marking of roads and airports. Road markings primarily ensure better orientation and increase traffic safety at the same time. Modern Linemarking must also comply with the increasing requirements towards effectiveness and economics. 

Linemarking today has developed into its own technical discipline within process engineering, enabling even better and more demanding roadway markings. 


Linemarking was introduced at the beginning of the 20th century, but only the increased traffic volume in the post-war period war increased the significance of Linemarking which also increased the challenges. Dosing methods in the meantime can permanently apply markings, road signs, and warnings on the pavement. These high goals are achieved today using completely different applications in Linemarking. 

An application in Linemarking means the application of the marking onto the roadway surface. Five different application methods are always differentiated: the spraying method, the screed box mode, the bonding or roll coating mode, the spreading mode and the extrusion mode. Extrudable means to thrust out or drive out and is derived from the Latin word "extrudere". Linemarking means that solid to viscous hardenable compounds are conveyed onto the roadway surface. 

The extrudable materials are divided into extrudable 2-component cold plastics and extrudable thermoplastics. The machines used for Linemarking include small and hand-controlled machines as well as easily maneuverable, self-propelling ride-on machines which are also equipped with high material and glass bead capacities.

Roadmarking trucks can be adapted individually. Linemarking also includes drying and line remover machines as well as melting machineries for thermoplastic materials (heater). 

Linemarking today

Linemarking today has a very high degree of precisions that is regulated fully automatically, but which can also be controlled manually. The high accuracy is controlled by sophisticated dosing methods and measurement technologies as well as by means of the marking length control system and documentation technology. These systems achieve a very high accuracy even at changing speeds.

The advantages and knowledge gained from Linemarking, which was originally developed for road transport, are also used today in Airfield Marking for identifying and marking the runways. 

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