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Road / Line Marking Machines

Road marking machines are mechanically or hydraulically driven tools which ensure that different marking materials are applied efficiently and evenly onto streets and maneuvering areas. 

Exact work is imperative, which is why more and more road marking machines work with semi-automatic or fully automatic marking systems. This is the only way to guarantee maximum precision, economy and quality. The increasing pressure in the global market has long since made itself noticeable in this branch. Only those able to completely satisfy the high expectations will survive. Internationally, HOFMANN is one of the leading providers of road marking machines.

Company HOFMANN is one of the international market leader for road / line marking machines

Providers of road marking machines, such as the market leader Hofmann, in Rellingen, Germany, have developed entire series of technical innovations that always provide more accurate dosing modes and constantly improved measurement results. For example, Hofmann constructed AMAKOS®, a helpful technical development for road marking machines that enables a consistent layer thickness with the help of a travel-dependent dosing pump.

Another important market requirement: Competitive road marking systems must in any case be able to provide detailed, comprehensible and credible documentation on the performed work for the customer.

Smaller road marking machines are hand-controlled small devices for shorter distances and the inner city area.

The next class has self-propelled road marking machines which have room for the trained specialist. The specialist can even better control and monitor the entire work procedure from here. Depending on how they are equipped, self-propelling machines are fitted with differently sized material and glass bead containers and are easy to steer and turn despite their corresponding dimensions.

Each country has different road marking machine requirements

Road marking machines developed and produced in Germany are used around the world and must always comply with the respective legal and technical demands and requirements abroad. Especially the climatic conditions must be taken into account. At the same time, the safety regulations and the traffic signs and rules are different in most countries. The same applies to the pavement, which in turn affects the marking material to be chosen. The machines must be appropriately equipped for this.

So-called roadmarking trucks can have individual and diverse configurations. These highly demanding road marking machines really do not leave much to be desired.

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