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Airport / Airfield Marking

Marking directly on the surface of the runways as well as on the entire maneuvering and apron areas of the airport is called airport marking.

HOFMANN Road Marking Systems

These markings serve as better orientation on the ground and from the air for the pilots, the air traffic controllers, and the service personnel. Airport marking is thus a rather significant part of safety in international air traffic.

Airport marking is equally essential for all vehicles responsible for the servicing and disposing of all passenger and freight traffic on the maneuvering areas and the apron. For example, the airport marking shows which routes may be used or indicates where stopping is permitted only temporarily or not at all. Markings also specify which roads may be crossed at which point.

The airport marking must be clearly visible to the pilot from the air.

Markings for the runways are always white. Of particular importance is that the airport marking makes the start and the end of the runway clearly visible to the pilot from the air. End markings in air traffic are also called thresholds. Complete airport marking always includes the designation of the corresponding runway.

The taxiways, which are the connecting ways between the runways, are marked within the scope of airport marking with yellow marking materials. The apron, which includes taxiing, parking, and maintenance areas, is also part of the safety area. The apron is usually marked in white.

Specifically designed road marking machines are used for airport marking

Very high demands are placed on airport marking. This applies especially to the durability of the marking materials that are used on the runways. These are subject to a particularly high load. The special road marking machines for airport marking must work very reliably, efficiently, and economically. Often entire sections of the airport and even the runways have to be blocked for the purposes of airport marking. The ability to work quickly and with a very high quality is therefore a basic requirement.

Airport marking demands the greatest possible accuracy. To achieve this maximum precision requires, among other things, the semi-automatic or fully automatic marking control system as developed by the market leader for marking technology, HOFMANN, in Rellingen, Germany.

All HOFMANN airport road marking machines are individually adapted to the local, climatic, and technical requirements. This makes it possible to satisfy the very special and specific demands of international customers.

HOFMANN Airport Marking - product overview

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